Tile Insert Grates & Heel Guard Grating

With Perforated, Heel Guard and Tile Inset Style Grating, A Class Grates Provides Versatile Solutions to Any Grating Challenge

For years, the experts at A Class Grates – a Caringbah-based company – have been the torchbearers for high-quality Australian craftsmanship, peerless customer service and rapid turnaround time in the custom grate design and installation business. From residential shower grates to drain grates for public restrooms, A Class Grates commits itself to excellence with every single grate it produces. Each grate is built from marine grade stainless steel, which – thanks to a higher alloy count than other steel types – is stronger and more durable than virtually any other material on the market. A Class Grates can also design, manufacture and install a custom grate within a day or two, meaning that customers don’t have to wait to have the best.

However, what is most impressive about A Class Grates is not their local Australian charm, their durable materials or even their shining customer service. Rather, what sets A Class Grates apart from the competition – both in the Caringbah/Sydney business scene and well beyond it – is that the company offers customised designs to meet the needs of the widest range of customers and clients possible.

That customisation doesn’t just relate to the shapes and sizes of the grates the company produces, though it certainly can diversify in either of those departments. In addition to sizing and shape, A Class Grates offers three primary types of grating – heel guard style grating, perforated style grating and tile inset style grating – to make sure that both residential and industrial needs can be met without missing a beat.

A Glossary of Terms: Heel Guard Grating and the Rest of A Class Grates’ Grating Types

So what do terms like ‘heel guard,’ ‘perforated style’ and ‘tile inset grating’ mean exactly? All three refer to different styles of grating offered by A Class Grates, and all three are best suited to different types of grating projects.

Perhaps the most common type of grating for residential projects like showers is perforated style grating. Perforated style grating balances function and durability with an attractive and modern grating design. Like other A Class Grates products, perforated style grates are designed from marine grade stainless steel. Unlike other grates, they are pockmarked by distinctive rectangle holes designed to efficiently drain water in areas of the home or business where such types of draining are necessary. Perforated style grating is also likely the most affordable and cost-effective grating solution in the A Class Grates arsenal.

Tile inset style grating bridges the gap a bit between residential and commercial design. In essence, the tile inset style grating was developed to provide drainage and waste removal amenities to a room without being visually obvious as a drain. Therefore, unlike a perforated grate, where the drainage holes are obvious, tile inset style grating works to make the drain blend in.

The third type of grate available from A Class Grates – known as heel guard style grating – is the heaviest duty grating solution in the A Class Grates product stable. Heel guard grating looks almost more like a heater grate than a drain grate, but is remarkably adept at draining water and other waste from heavy-traffic areas. From public restrooms to driveways to the garage where you park your car, heel guard style grating is robust enough to handle virtually any type of draining needs.


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