Steel Grate Supplier Australia

Australian Steel Grate Manufacturer and Supplier Brings Decades of Experience to the Table

When it comes to residential and commercial maintenance, there may be no part of your house or business that needs more regular attention than its drainage systems. Whether the result of a tap water impurity that leads to a clogged shower drain or a preponderance of debris that leaves a commercial bathroom floor puddled with bacteria infested water, a clogged drain can cause health problems or expensive levels of damage, both of which demand instant clean up or expensive repair attention.

Occasionally drains just get clogged and there is nothing you can do but shoulder the repairs and move on. However, the one thing that should not be causing the issue is your steel grate. Drain grates seem like they should be the least of your maintenance problems, but the truth is that many cheaper stainless steel grate designs offer not protection against rust or corrosion, problems that can put your drainage systems in dire straits. Home and business owners should demand more from their steel grate manufacturers.

Luckily, A Class Grates offers superior steel grate manufacturing right in Australia. Based in Caringbah, A Class Grates brings over 20 years of experience to the table as a steel grate supplier. By providing durable and attractive drain grates—built from rust and corrosion resistant Marine Grade stainless steel, no less—A Class Grates can help businesses and homeowners everywhere to avoid the annoyance of a clogged drain.

Steel Grate Supplier with Installation and Customer Service Background

A Class Grates not only serves as a one of the finest steel grate suppliers in Australia, but the company also excels at residential and commercial installation. Rather than putting the best people in the manufacturing roles or in the supplier office, A Class Grates sends the manufacturers out to homes and businesses across Australia to perform the steel grate installation. This system creates a level of accountability and reliability that is not common with home improvement or repair businesses, and A Class Grates has earned many loyal customers over the years thanks to their attention to the details of fine customer service.

A Class Grates may be a steel grate manufacturer on the outside, but their installations never fail either. By laying down a waterproof membrane around the drain area and beneath the floor tiling, A Class Grates assures that their steel grates funnel water and other fluids as effectively as possible away from structural elements of homes or businesses that they could easily damage. The installation only takes one to two days, and if something goes wrong with the grate, A Class Grates will promptly send specialists back out to troubleshoot the issue. 20 years of customer service experience has made this Australia-based steel grate manufacturer extremely skilled at the people oriented part of the job that manufacturing and supply companies so often struggle with.


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