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Stainless Steel Shower Grates, Drain Grates and Other Grating from A Class Grates

From stainless steel shower grates to sleek and functional drain grates, A Class Grates is a company dedicated to provide the finest grating for all of your architectural needs. Our clients demand stainless steel grates for all manner of uses, from drainage in their dark car garages to drainage in their luxurious showers or swimming pools. Obviously, these two scenarios involve wildly different tastes and preferences for design and function and dictate different approaches.

On one hand, the client looking for a stainless steel drain grate for their garage is gunning primarily for sheer performance and functionality. They want a drain grate that will keep their garage as clean and dry as possible. Furthermore, they want that grate to be built to withstand all of the wear, tear, weight and other factors that may come up against it. While design and aesthetic appeal may enter their minds, the garage drain grate client is mostly concerned with performance.

The client shopping for a stainless steel grating solution for their shower or swimming pool, on the other hand, is going to have an entirely different set of priorities. This client will also be concerned with performance and durability – after all, there’s no point in installing a grate if it isn’t going to get the job done or if it is simply going to need to be replaced in a month or a year. However, a client looking for stainless steel grate drains for showers or swimming pools will also have a very sharp eye trained on design and aesthetic appeal. They want a grate that not only gets the job done, but which looks good doing it as well. This situation can present challenges for the grate designer, as different swimming pools and showers boast entirely disparate designs and may necessitate unique grate styles or sizes.

A Class Grates Provides Custom Stainless Steel Grating

Luckily for our customers, A Class Grates is not a company that shies away from unique or custom design. On the contrary, A Class Grates prides itself on providing meticulously built, custom-made stainless steel shower grates or drain grates to every customer we serve. We can fit a grate to any type of architectural design and to spaces of any size.

Furthermore, A Class Grates also offers a range of different stainless steel grating styles to ensure that our customers get precisely what they are looking for. From more common and conventional grating styles (our perforated style grating for instance) to stronger, more industrial strength stainless steel grates (our heavy-duty ‘Heel Guard’ system), we have the grate styles to suit virtually any project. In most cases, a shower job will opt for the perforated grate, while a garage-based drainage system will require the extra strength and function of the Heel Guard system. However, thanks to A Class Grates’ dedication to custom-made grate products, designs and styles are always flexible. Regardless of which design you choose, it will be built from marine-grade stainless steel and will be built to last.


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