Stainless Steel Grate Drains Sydney

Stainless Steel Grate Drainage Supplier in Caringbah Provides Robust Drains and Drainage Systems

Let’s face it: drains and drainage systems aren’t glamourous commodities. There are home improvement essentials and amenities that you could easily spend days or weeks shopping for. Some buyers are especially engaged by title designs and other flooring solutions. Other homeowners would rather shop for fixtures destined for their kitchen or bathrooms. And there’s always someone out there who would like nothing more than to spend the budget of their house on little more than fancy chandeliers. Stainless steel grate drains, however, are generally not the type of household amenity that is going to truly excite a homeowner, or inspire a month-long search for the best or most beautiful product the market has to offer.

In other words, most people would prefer if stainless steel grate shopping were easy, simple and fast, but could still result in the purchase of an excellently-crafted product that works well and looks good. A Class Grates is a company that can make those two seemingly disparate wishes come true at the same time. A stainless steel drainage system supplier, A Class Grates makes shopping for stainless steel drains easy and simple without sacrificing product quality or longevity.

The Benefits of Buying Stainless Steel Grate Drains from A Class Grates

One factor that sets A Class Grates apart from the competition is that all of the stainless steel grate drainage systems the company sells are custom-built right at the company’s Australian headquarters in Caringbah. When A Class Grates gets a call from a customer in need of a new stainless steel grate, they send a skilled craftsman out to the house or business to get an idea of the project at hand. The A Class Grates representative takes down notes and specs on what the customer is looking for from their stainless steel grate drainage system and then returns to the Caringbah headquarters to create a one-of-a-kind product.

Once the custom stainless steel grate drain is manufactured, the A Class Grates representative returns to the house or business of the customer to install it personally. All stainless steel grates are installed upon a waterproof membrane designed to protect the areas around the drain – and throughout the rest of the house or business – in case of leakage. This installation process generally takes between one and two days, a remarkably quick turnaround time for a stainless steel drainage grate supplier. Once the work is done, A Class Grates guarantees customer satisfaction and will rapidly send out support staff in the case of any issues with their installed products.

So how can A Class Grates guarantee customer satisfaction? Part of it is the company’s unrivaled dedication to customer service. Another part is the 20 years of experience that A Class Grates has in the stainless steel drainage system business. The other secret ingredients are the materials themselves. A Class Grates only uses the strongest, most durable marine grade stainless steel for all of its products, a rust and corrosion free material that defines the phrase ‘built to last.’


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