Tile Insert Bathroom Grates Sydney

Smart Tile Insert Style Grates Add Sleek Look to Showers and Other Drains

It’s a fact of residential and commercial real estate that anywhere where there is excess water – be it in a shower or sink or accumulating on a restroom or locker room floor – there must also be a drain to wick that excess water away. Unfortunately, many people find that big drain grates, while functionally essential, aren’t designed with attractive architecture in mind. If you have spent months or years designing every aspect of your home or business to be sleek, modern and attractive, you don’t want to have a sprawling drain grate ruining the architectural lines or overall interior design atmosphere your work has cultivated.

Luckily, not all drain grates have to be glaring eyesores. A Class Grates, a company that has been serving the Caringbah and Sydney markets of Australia for over two decades now, believes that you should be allowed to have both function and beauty on your side when fitting drain grates to bathrooms, swimming pools, showers, driveways or garages. In fact, A Class Grates has designed a drain grate option specifically meant for those who don’t want their stainless steel grate distracting from the ingenuity of their modern architectural wonder.

Tile Insert Shower Grates: What they Do

The grate designs in question are tile insert style grates, which are grates that function like other types of drainage systems, but without leaving the visual giveaway that the floor or wall even has a drainage outlet. Instead of matching up to the usual perforated or gridded floor grates, tile insert grates drain water and waste through slits on the side, but have a center that is made up of solid tile.

When buyers choose a tile insert style grate, they are essentially choosing the drainage solution that will be blend in with their bathrooms or showers. The tile in the center of the drainage unit truly is an insert, and can be matched to other tile so that it fits into your home or business design seamlessly. In other words, the tile insert, if installed as a shower floor grate drain, will look just like another tile in the floor. However, water and waste will still drain around the sides, meaning that your shower can have full drainage potential without sacrificing visual flare.

In the drain and grate industry, these types of grates can be referred to in a number of ways, from ‘tile insert grate’ to ‘smart tile grates.’ Regardless of the designation given, however, smart tile grates are the drain option most used by architects to create an illusion of there being no drain at all. Smart tiles are commonly seen as bathroom fixtures or shower floor grate drains, with many buyers figuring that, with as much as bathroom fixtures and designs cost, they should always look their best.

When A Class Grates builds and installs your shower floor smart tile grate drain, they will take care to ensure you are getting a perfect tile match and an overall faultless fixture. With marine grade stainless steel and expert installation, your smart tile shower drain will not only look great and drain well, but will be able to stand up to virtually anything for as long as you need it to do so.


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