Linear Drain Shower Systems Caringbah

Homeowners in Caringbah Have New Options in Smart Tile and Linear Shower Drains

Too often, when people buy new homes or have showers built or renovated, they are not even asked about their choice of drain. Therefore, it may not occur to many homeowners that they actually have a wide variety of types of drains to choose from. This is an important choice because the right drain can be both stylish and highly functional. The right drain is the one with style you love and the quality and guarantee you can feel good about.

For example, a linear drain for a shower in Caringbah can be found at A Class Sheetmetal. Linear drains are easy to install and have a trench or trough underneath the grate for water to run down into. They work very well for tub-to-shower conversion and handicap and wheelchair accessible showers. A linear drain requires that the floor be pitched in only one direction, as opposed to round drains, which require a good deal more work to slope the floor properly. This makes it perfect for an open shower or a shower with no threshold. Linear drains can be placed against a wall, at the shower entrance, or under a bench for clean, streamlined style. Linear drains can also be customised to fit around pools, on balconies or patios, or along driveways. Besides offering a smooth, attractive look, they are also space efficient because there is no curbing or threshold.

Along with Linear Drains, Tile-Insert Drains are Another Stylish Solution

Another attractive drain for a shower is a tile-insert drain, or smart tile drain, like the one offered by A Class Sheetmetal. These are drains with space in the middle for tile or stone that matches the surrounding floor. These are becoming hugely popular because of the sleek, seamless look they give your shower or other tiled area. They are highly versatile, because you can fill them with almost any type of flooring, so they go with just about any d├ęcor well. The illusion of water vanishing into the floor gives your shower a sophisticated look, and the tray is easy to remove for cleaning.

When you order your linear or smart tile drains from A Class Sheetmetal, located in Caringbah, you are dealing directly with the manufacturer of your drains. This family owned and operated company provides its clients with only the highest quality, Australian made, stainless steel products available. They specialise in both commercial and residential areas, so whatever your needs, they can work with you to customise a solution.

100% Australian certified and compliant marine-grade stainless steel gives all of the products at A Class Sheetmetal the exceptional quality you deserve. This metal has a higher alloy content for superior corrosion and wear resistance. This is especially important in wet areas and near seawater. Also, A Class Sheetmetal is a great place to buy your shower drains because they care about your individual project and pay close attention to the tiniest details. Perfection is their goal when installing your stylish, long-lasting linear or smart tile drains in Caringbah.


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