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How Important Are Quality Stainless Bathroom Grates For Your Shower Floor?

Everybody likes a great deal, and it’s easy enough to look for the cheapest possible option when purchasing items like shower grates for a bathroom build or remodel. However, there are plenty of reasons why you should stop and think twice before you install cheap, poorly made grates in your bathroom.

Just consider the fact that while it may seem like the most humble part of your shower or bathroom, the grates serve an important purpose. They ensure that all of the water in your bathroom is properly drained off and that it does not cause any damage to the rest of your bathroom or your home. Bathroom grates that become corroded or rusted, or that become stained over time not only diminish the appearance of your bathroom, but can present a safety hazard to you and your family.

Choosing the Right Shower Floor Grate for Your Needs

Rusted, corroded, or otherwise damaged bathroom grates can diminish the overall appearance of a space. Not only that, but rust can and will discolour any standing water, which can in turn stain your tile floors. And at its very worst, a rusted or corroded grate can bend, break, or become chipped, which is particularly dangerous to wet feet that may step on these damaged areas. Stainless grates are important for numerous different reasons, and no homeowner or business owner should skimp when seeking out these items for their bathrooms.

That’s why the first thing that any individual should do when they are building or remodelling a bathroom is seek out a quality shower floor grate that will not have these issues over time. The best way to ensure that a grate cannot and will not become damaged is to use a strong, durable, and reliable material such as stainless steel.

Not only that, but the stainless steel used should be optimised for use in the wettest of conditions. That’s why companies such as A Class Sheetmetal Pty Ltd only use marine grade stainless steel in the shower floor grates that they manufacturer. Only marine grade stainless steel can stand up to the tough, wet conditions that bathrooms (and other water-heavy places such as kitchens and pools) play host to.

Once a marine-grade stainless grate has been found, there are other details that buyers should seek out as well to ensure their bathrooms are well cared for once the grates are installed. Wide waterproofing flanges will ensure the optimal amount of protection for one’s floors and will prevent any residual water damage that might occur over time. Also seek out grates that offer easy installation – there is no reason to make this part of a build or remodel a lengthy or difficult process.

And finally, remember that the actual appearance of the bathroom grate can and should be a factor in your final buying decision. Whether you want a shower grate that disappears into the overall design of the shower or you want one that can add a little bit of extra flair, you can find what you need with just a little searching.