Door track Subsill drains

A Class Grates Door Track Subsill Drains are designed to provide an entirely seamless and
fully integrated connection between any indoor and outdoor living areas.

Our Door Track Subsill Drain is designed to provide an external grate which is able to collect
condensation or water on the interior or exterior of any sliding or bi-fold door or window and
direct the water away from the entry.

All of our drains are made to order, within 2-3 days, using 316 Plus marine grade stainless
steel and are compatible with all commercial and residential installations. All drains are easy
to install, eliminate water build up, and have built in fall.


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Marine grade stainless steel

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Eliminates Water Build Up

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Australian Owned Business

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Wide Waterproofing Flanges

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Easy Plumbing

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Built-In Fall

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Easy To Install

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Deal directly with Manufacturer

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Commercial & Residential Sectors

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All Grates Custom Made to Order in 1 – 2 Days!

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