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Are Stainless Linear Drains and Grating Right For Your Pool or Shower Drainage?

What are linear drains? They’re a little bit different from the typical drain or grate. As the name suggests, they are linear rather than circular in nature, meaning that they fall in a long, straight line. They can be used in numerous different types of spaces, although they are most often found around swimming pools and in larger showers. In both cases, they provide many benefits over the typical style of grating or drainage, from a more attractive style to the better overall drainage of any water that may escape a shower or a pool.

The most obvious reason for this is the fact that linear drains for showers are bigger, and cover a broader surface area. Rather than one single point that the water must flow to in order to drain properly, linear drains stretch along an extended area and capture any water that makes its way to that point. Linear drains for showers are highly recommended for any application where a large amount of water is used. This can include larger showers in public spaces such as gyms as well as specially designed showers for the home.

The Many Benefits of Linear Pool Drainage and Shower Drainage

Linear pool drainage provides this same benefit, except on a much larger scale. It is a necessity in areas that experience heavy rainfall and in low-lying areas that are prone to flooding, as linear pool drainage can be installed along the entire perimeter of a pool to capture any water that may rise up from the pool before it has the chance to reach your yard – or worse, your home.

Linear drains come in many different styles, each one optimised for different buyers and different types of users. When purchasing linear drain systems for pools, stainless grating in a heel guard style is generally used. This type of grating is incredibly robust and strong, and has the added benefit of being easy to walk on and manoeuvre over when needed, which means that it will never be a hindrance to those who have it installed around their pools. When it comes to pools, stainless grating is a must, as they will be exposed to large amounts of water and should not corrode or rust over time.

As for linear drains for the indoors, the heel guard option can be used in addition to other options such as perforated grates or tile insert grates, which are incredibly popular as they can be “disguised” to be fairly unnoticeable. That makes it a great choice for those who value the style of their linear drains as much as they value quality. However, quality is important, which is why companies such as A Class Sheetmetal Pty Ltd only use marine grade stainless steel in the creation of their linear drains. This means that they can withstand an incredible amount of wear and tear from daily use as well as prolonged exposure to water without ever rusting, becoming corroded, or sustaining any other damage due to water. That makes this material a great choice for anybody looking to use it around a pool or in a shower.


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