Industrial Grates Sutherland Shire

Industrial Grating: All about Stainless Steel and Drainage Grates in Sutherland Shire

Grating has been around for over a century, serving as one of the best flooring options for many industrial factories and buildings. Metal grating is essentially made up of any number of “bearing bars”, which run parallel to each other and form the bulk of the grate. They are intersected with “crossbars”, which hold the bearing bars up to give them added support. The result is a metal, grid-like sheet of material that is used for flooring, walls or any number of other applications. The grid allows light, heat, air, water, sound and small debris to pass through without any interruption while also serving as a solid and stable surface. Many materials are used to build grating, but one of the most popular options is stainless steel because it is very strong, durable and resistant to corrosion. Grating can be custom-ordered to fit whatever room or hallway that you need it to. It is the preferred method of flooring for many industrial sites in Sutherland Shire because of its ability to hold heavy equipment, personnel and products while providing drainage and remaining clean and virtually maintenance free.

Types of Industrial Grating in Sutherland Shire

There are four main types of grating which are commonly used for industrial applications. They are welded steel, pressure locked, riveted, and aluminium plank. Welded steel grating is made by electrically fusing the bearing bars and cross bars together. It is the cheapest to make and therefore one of the most economical options. While stainless steel is a popular option when it comes to welded steel grates, carbon steel is also used frequently in manufacturing. Welded steel is also popular for commercial applications as well as industrial. Pressure locked grating is unique because it offers the widest variety of bearing and crossbar spacing, allowing you to purchase grates with larger spacing to let more unwanted debris pass through or smaller spacing to provide more support. Because of this, it is popular for high-traffic areas. Riveted grating is the most comfortable option to walk on thanks to its flatness, but it is also one of the strongest types of grating, so it is good for areas where vehicles need to drive. Finally, aluminium plank grating is a popular option because of its low cost, light weight, and ease-of-use, yet it is also quite supportive as well as non-magnetic (which is a big plus for some industries).

Does Your Building Need Grating?

If you have to decide between installing grating or a solid floor, you must consider the advantages that each one offers you. If you need flooring for an open area in which you want light, sound and air to pass through freely, then grating is hands-down the best choice. Grates are also ideal for industrial areas where you need drainage for liquids or debris, you need slip resistant flooring, you require a strong strength-to-weight ratio, or the room is oddly shaped and you need install a cheap alternative to a floor. Grating is also very popular for catwalks as it is light-weight and easy to install.


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