Heel Guard Style Grating

Heel Guard Style Grating is Perfect for Caringbah Grates

Heel guard is one of the most innovate drainage grating technologies dreamt up in the past few years. The drain is highly effective at moving massive amounts of water quickly while still leaving small debris like, cigarette butts, on top. In an increasingly environmentally-conscious society, heel guard style grates are perfect for Caringbah homes and businesses that want to be eco-friendly while still enjoying the benefits of a durable and effective drainage system. The ultra-small holes in a heel guard grate make it excellent for safety, too. While grates have always been the arch nemesis of high heeled shoes, heel guard features a smooth pattern that women can walk on with ease. The holes are even small enough that you don’t have to worry about your children getting a finger stuck in one of them if you use grating at home.

Commercial Uses for Heel Guard Style Grating in Caringbah

A variety of commercial business love using heel guard grating systems, especially restaurants who install them in the back of the house. Commercial kitchens prefer these types of drains in their dishwashing area because of the high volume of water that the grates can handle. Anyone who has ever worked in a kitchen knows that water will go everywhere, and having a reliable, effective drain makes all the difference. Mopping up at the end of the night is also an absolute breeze, and the unique design of the grate poses no safety concern to busy chefs. In addition to just allowing water to flow freely, heel guard drains are also great for ventilation systems, allowing air to move freely throughout even the biggest of commercial buildings.

Residential Uses for Heel Guard Grating in Caringbah

Expert bathroom designers love heel guard grates because of the ability to create a breathtaking design that is both aesthetically pleasing and totally practical. The drains are also much more versatile than a traditional low-point drain which makes construction easier and much more beautiful. The kitchen can also make great use out of a grate like this. Simply install one on your counter top and put dishes on top to dry, giving you a flashy and practical accessory in the busiest room of your home. If you have an outdoor pool, use the grating to prevent overflow and keep the water effectively filtered at all times, reducing maintenance and increasing safety.

Industrial Uses for Heel Guard Grating in Caringbah

Construction is the biggest industry that can make the most out of a heel guard grate. It is imperative for many industrial buildings to have grating of some sort, as water and other debris is usually common. Since heel guard grates are so effective, they are preferred by many construction companies throughout Australia. Landscaping projects and heel guard go hand in hand, as well. The non-slip nature of the grate, in addition to the modern look and great draining capabilities make these the perfect type of grates to use in high traffic areas that are meant to be beautiful.


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