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Looking for Floor or Shower Drainage Grate Suppliers in Sydney? A Class Grates Has what You Need

Choosing the right floor grate in Sydney, like anywhere else, is mostly a matter of finding the best grate to fit the required application, finding a high quality grate, and finding a grate with a style and appearance you like. For example, you may need a shower grate for a floor drain. You will have many styles, finishes, and materials to choose from. One thing to keep in mind is that you should choose a durable, corrosion-resistant grate, and one that coordinates well visually with the surrounding space.

Generally, floor grates come in sizes that are closely matched to the size of the drains they need to cover. They may come in standard sizes, or they may need to be customised. It is a good idea to find a manufacturer of customised floor grates if standard sizes don’t fit your drains precisely, because a grate that does not fit properly may rattle, wobble, or even cause safety issues. Any grate designed to cover a drain, such as a shower grate, should be made of materials that resist corrosion and wear, with the appropriate chemical resistance for the environment in which it will be installed and used.

Where to Find the Best Shower Grates

It is important that a floor grate have all of these qualities as well as being strong enough to hold any foot or other traffic that may pass over it. A Class Grates is a manufacturer of Australian-made, stainless steel floor grates in Sydney. They are a family-owned and operated company with over 20 years’ experience as high-quality, customised drainage grate suppliers. A Class Grates pride themselves on fast service – only 1-2 days – and the superior performance, appearance, and overall quality of their fully welded drainage grates.

Good drainage grate suppliers also understand that the aesthetic appearance of your floor grates is very important to you. In general, all the grates in a particular area should match or coordinate with each other. One great solution is A Class Grates’ Tile Insert Style Grating, which has a space in the centre to insert tile that matches the surrounding flooring. This gives the floor continuity and style, greatly diminishing the visibility of the drain. These grates are extremely versatile and match just about any décor because you can fill them with almost any tile, stone, or certain other types of hard flooring.

Another good option is a linear shower grate. Linear drains are easy to install, requiring that the floor be sloped in only one direction, and work very well for a wheelchair accessible shower. Linear drains can also be placed against the wall or even under a bench for a very low visibility.

A Class Sheetmetal, conveniently located in Caringbah, is Australia’s premier designer and fabricator of grate drainage systems. They are a family owned and operated company committed to providing their clients with the highest quality Australian made stainless steel grates around. A Class Sheetmetal also makes it easy for you to get exactly what you need, with fast 1-2 day production and a customised approach to every application.


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