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Bathroom Grates: Grate Drainage Supplier in Sydney, Caringbah and Cronulla

There are a variety of bathroom drainage systems in use today. They vary based on whether you own a private or public bathroom and where that bathroom is located. For instance, a public bathroom on the beach or at a pool may feature drainage grates in the middle of the floor to catch overflow that drops off of swimmers when they get out of the water. Private bathrooms usually only feature a single grate drainage system in the shower. The drain could be very big or very small depending on the size of the shower itself. There are multiple ways to secure the grate, though they can usually be installed by an individual rather than a plumber or grate drainage supplier.

What is Bathroom Grate Drainage?

A “grate drain” could apply to almost every shower drain in existence today. The purpose of a grate is to provide a stable surface to stand on that blocks and prevents debris from entering your drain while still allowing water to pass through freely. This is accomplished by a flat piece of material (whether it is plastic or metal) being perforated with holes and then installed on top of your drain. The grate can be circular, square or rectangular and can be as big or as small as you want it. While grates have traditionally been placed in the middle of the shower, many designers prefer to stick them along one edge. Not only is this more aesthetically appealing, it makes life easier for a contractor as instead of having to build the floor of your shower so that it slopes toward the middle, he only has to make one slope toward a single edge of the shower.

Types of Bathroom Grate Drainage in Cronulla, Caringbah and Sydney

One of the most popular materials used for bathroom grate drainage is stainless steel. This gives the grate a very modern look and it also resists corrosion and is typically more durable than other metals. Plastic can also be used, though it looks much cheaper and can be stained easily. Tile insert grates are gaining popularity because of their ability to seamlessly fit in with tiled showers and create the illusion that there is no drain at all. In addition to the materials used in your grate, you must also decide what kind of holes you would like. Square holes are the go-to choice for designers because of their aesthetic appeal, but classic circular holes can also be used.

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The best place to go for information on bathroom drainage grates and the grates themselves is a grate drainage supplier. There are multiple suppliers throughout Sydney, Caringbah and Cronulla who have the products and knowledge necessary to set you up with the perfect drain and grate for your shower whether you are looking to outfit yourself or your entire apartment complex. Now that you know a bit about the basics of bathroom grate drainage, the only thing you have left to do is pick your favourite one and then purchase it.